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David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 Exhibition

Almost There
from my book " How to paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"
Last years painting accepted in the
David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2011 Exhibition

David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 Exhibition

I am thrilled to hear this week that my painting has been accepted into the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition 2012. I have submitted work for the last  two years so this will be my third appearance in such a fantastic annual art  event.

But this is not just an exhibition that showcases superb art by established and professional wildlife artists. Paintings are selected by a judging panel purely on the merit of the standard of work. As the number of entries each year increases chances of getting in are obviously increasingly more diffciult.  Ironically as does the survival of many of our wildlife species.

It is hard to comprehend that  the beauty of many of the animals seen in this exhibition may very well one day only be witnessed in art. Because the reality is many will be extinct  unless action is taken and now.

This is what DSWF stands for to me. David Shepherd is a man whose passion is so strong that he is actively trying to make a dramatic and desperately needed change in the animal kingdom . The Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition gives artists a voice to say thank you to the many species who have given them incredible subjects to paint over the years. Let's face it, where would many professionals be had the tiger or elephant not existed?

I cannot bear the thought that the only way to see a tiger for example would be via a painting. And this seriously could be a possibility in the future.  There are many atrocities to animals worldwide that desperately need immediate intervention and prevention. How can we live in this century and truly believe  taking  a body part of an animal in any form can help you medicinally? I have lived in Asia and understand the traditions but surely these potions all belong in museums now as ways of the past. When will  we unite as a world and share our passion for  living minus cruelty in any form for the sake of human vanity? I become so  emotional when I think of the bear farms and senseless rhino slaughter.

So this is not an exhibition I am submitting work to purely for the sake of seeing one of my paintings on the wall. My heart is in that painting and my tiny voice is amongst stronger voices aiming to be heard.

The wildlife situation has to change before it is too late.

I support DSWF and I am thrilled my painting has been selected for this years amazing exhibition and it will be breathtakingly wonderful. But I will feel small in the Mall Galleries looking around at work by established artists far greater than I and far ahead in their art journeys. I will admire, learn and be inspired. If you would like to see what I mean then please visit the exhibition at the Mall Galleries in June.

Full details can be found via this link.

Of all exhibitions this is one not to miss on so many levels. And by visiting you are helping wildlife.
Please do.

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