Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New DVD : Demonstration

A demonstration from my new DVD
Notice where my hand is? Far away from the sable point and at the furthest end of the handle!
This is one of my personalised brushes and so soft to use,great control and easy colour load.

I opened my emails to see some stills from my new DVD this morning. It won't be long before it is available next month and I am looking forward to seeing it myself. Actually that's not quite true because I don't enjoy watching myself on film! In fact I usually invite two very close friends over who watch it with me for the first time. It's almost a tradition now and expected.

Just like in a painting I will see all  my faults. I will  think of the things I wanted to say and probably laugh at the comments I could have been wiser not to make. I was enjoying myself far too much at one point and had to stop laughing on camera. I don't work from a script so have no text to guide my train of thought. I simply describe exactly what I am doing while I am doing it.

I do devise a programme well in advance so that I can cover the subjects and techniques that I want to share. But in this DVD I was very much guided by artists who have been on my workshops over the last year  and the  many questions they raised. As a professional there are areas of working in watercolour I take for granted. I think its far too easy to forget the beginner who may not understand the reasoning behind certain actions by a seasoned artist.  And this can lead to their paintings being developed as more of a mystery and headache than sheer pleasure found in the creative process.

So with very careful thought I have gone through the products I use and why. I have looked at colour application and washes. And then worked those washes into subjects in my own unique way.

The aim of this film is to encourage artists of all levels to try something new, push the boundaries and paint any subject at all but looking at each with fresh eyes seeing how colour and a variety of techniques can bring them to life in a more exciting way.

I do hope you like my new film, I will wait nervously until it has had its private viewing here!



LadyJayPee said...

Are your dvds compatible with US/North American dvd players?

LadyJayPee said...

Are your dvds compatible with US/North American dvd players?