Sunday, 13 May 2012

Banstead Arts Festival 2012

Owl from a gentle first wash

Last Friday I packed my car and drove to Banstead,Surrey as I had been booked as guest artist for the Banstead Arts Festival 2012. It took me only an hour to reach my destination where I was given a warm welcome by the organisers. Whilst setting up guests started to arrive and fill the venue to the point that when it was time for me to start the doors had to be locked as the hall was completely full.

I worked through the first part of my demonstration explaining my techniques almost as an invitation into my studio and it as wonderful to see so much interest from the sea of faces in front of me. During the break I mixed with and met some fabulous artists. I continued with my demonstration leading the evening to a close with a painting of a pheasant. There must have been sparks flying off my brushes as sheep, flowers, an owl and several exciting washes all formed part of my discussion on how I work in my favourite medium. I also shared landscape and portraits as I aimed to cover every subject during my talk.

All too soon the evening came to a close and I was overwhelmed by the round of applause from the audience and really touched by the closing speech given my a member of Banstead Arts Society who explained that I had given the best demonstration the society had ever seen. Nodding heads  from the audience added to my sense of happiness.  I always put so much into my demonstrations to share my passion for watercolour and its magical qualities so it was such a great feeling to know how well I had come across.

In the last two weeks I have been repeatedly told I am a breath of fresh air on the art scene in that I give so much, am enthusiastic and lead to everyone racing to pick up their brushes after having seen me in action which is exactly what I love to hear.

My warm thanks go to everyone in the audience ,to Heather for making the initial booking and my very special thanks go to Richard of Epsom Arts Society for organising the large screen and microphone adding to the events success.

My next demonstration will be at the Surrey Literary Festival at Camberley Theatre this weekend

I can't wait!


Mick Carney said...

This is a stunning image and your audience clearly had a first rate evening. Your openness and enthusiasm communicate themselves in everything you do. Keep it up.

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Thank you so much Mike, it was a truly wonderful evening and well worth the drive there!