Monday, 7 May 2012

New DVD : USA Format


"Watercolour Passion"

I have received a few enquiries from artists wishing to buy my DVD in USA.

There is a USA format which is available from my web site or Town House Films directly.

I am thrilled with the fabulous feedback I am getting via emails and at art demonstrations letting me know how inspirational my new film is being found to be. Thank you so much to everyone for getting in touch and I hope "Watercolour Passion" continues to fuel motivation and enthusiasm for many new watercolours by artists worldiwde of all levels.

It was a sheer joy to create so to understand why it is selling so well and becoming a hugely popular DVD is really humbling and overwhelming.

And encouraging regarding considering  to film again in the future!

Thank you!

A trailer of my new DVD can be seen via this link.



Anne said...

Hello Jean....I just received your DVDs". They are quite wonderful......and have really opened my eyes to a more relaxed approach.......which looks so much fun....

I have one refer to juicy colour......

Do you start painting with pigment directly out of the tube every day? You mentioned on your blog that you clean your palette every day ready dor the next day of do you dispose of the leftover pigment each day totally?

I'm a beginner....and the classes I've taken so far have asked us to squeeze out our paint into the wells, let it dry (for days) then rewet to be able to pick up the pigment.

This feels counterintuitive to what I want to achieve when I'm thinking that I need to use fresh paint every time I paint......

Do you use fresh paint each time?

I must say that I have two westies and the painting of the Westie on your site has inspired me to try to paint my white whirlwinds ...laughing....they are barking to come in right now......

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Anne

That is such a great question!

I squeeze juicy blobs of colour into each well in my palette and there they stay until each section is empty or needs refilling. So I only add colour when I need to.

I clean only the central white section of my palette each evening ready for the next day. I leave the wells intact with the shades they contain.

By adding water to each dry pigment section daily I make the product more pliable to use again and again. As long as you keep these areas clean your colours should stay true.

Bearing in mind how expensive watercolour is to throw away or discard any left over pigment would be wasteful.

Also the fact you might be only placing an exact amount of pigment to be used each day in your palette could restrict and riskily limit how much of each shade you used.

I love to see lots of gorgeous colour tempting my brushes each time I work, I also don't want to be hindered by having to open more tubes half way through a painting which could be at a time when I am so in love with my work and its progress that anything stopping me in my fabulous creative journey would be a nuisance!

I am thrilled you like my westie,there are gorgeous white dogs in my new book " Atmospheric Watercolourss" which I hope inspire you too,

Have a wonderful day and happy painting Anne,

Thank you so much for your question as many artists ask me this and it gave me the chance to reply to them also!


Anne said...

Thank you Jean for taking the time to respond. I just wanted to be sure I I do.

Also, I just read your post about your brushes....I ordered them last week....they arrived here in Canada so quickly....and they DO feel wonderful to work with.

I'm playing with much fun!