Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Thoughts on Exhibitions


It has been a wonderful week and it is only Tuesday. I have had  many amazing messages via email and phone connected with my exhibition " Expressions" which is running at the Wey Gallery in Godalming until 14th June 2012. It is fabulous to know it is being so enjoyed.

Yesterday saw visitors to the gallery and at the end of day  I heard how well everything was going which is a great feeling.

I love hearing the surprise in viewers voices when they see how large some of my pieces are because I suppose online you can't really judge their size. Sadly I also feel online the depth,vibrance and sense of movement is lost. So going to a show and seeing an art collection in real life is going to be far more inspirational than simply viewing via a computer. But of course gallery location doesn't make this always possible for many and we are so lucky to be able to share worldwide via the internet.

I have been fascinated by comments from fellow artists.

I loved the questions on .....

" How long did it take for you to put this collection together"
Over the last two years I have been working on my book. Special paintings in this collection are from my new publication but the creative process of writing has affected my latest  watercolours. These are on show for the first time in this exhibition.

" Have you a favourite painting ?"
Oh yes! I have many for a variety of reasons,one being the first to sell.

"Which watercolours are from your new book?"
Several including my favourite portrait and the cockerel studies. 

"Are there any paintings you really feel you are reluctant to part with?"
Most definitely! My new direction with horse racing was so amazing to create that  I felt the hooves moving as I worked. I was at one with the action. This can never be forgotten when looking at a finished painting  That feeling of being so alive!

"Is your show a success"
Undoubtedly yes,from the positive feedback and everyone loving my art.

But one question always without fail makes me laugh

" Have you sold anything?"

This question comes from the artist  who is really only interested in selling. To them that is all art is about and it sums up why they are holding a brush in the first place. They are the ones who skip looking at the paintings and just search for the red dots. And I see many race for their brushes in an attempt to paint a similar subject thinking that theirs too will no doubtedly sell.

But they are missing so much. It isn't always the subject that sells a painting. It is the technique and passion behind creating that is often evident to an art lover or collector. I adore working in watercolour and I am also very much in love with the subjects I aim to capture in my paintings. I strive to make each piece unique and occasionally will work on an idea more than once to gain as much out of it as possible.

I knew I would be working hard for my book last year and the year before. I also knew that from the creative process my own art would grow in direction. When invited to hold this solo I agreed because I had a goal of sharing my art in a superb location and via this platform would be able to share my passion.

The answer to the question is yes.  But I find talking about sales demeaning to both the client, myself as the artist and to the gallery showing my work. This is a personal transaction which I do not need to share.

I do believe that first ever sale should be a celebration for new artists who are just starting their journey but part of being a professional is to accept sales as part of exhibiting.

Maybe to artists who are not selling their own  work studying what others sell is of great interest.

To me viewing a collection is more important. Understanding how the artist works, their choice of subject, style and technique. Growth and direction.

These are what I search for in each new show.

I am thrilled with the growth and direction that is obviously evident in this, my latest collection and over the moon with the reaction from visitors. All fantastically positive!

.Full details about my exhibition can be found on my web site

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