Thursday, 24 May 2012

Book Review 2012 : Judith Farnworth

 I have eagerly been looking forward to reading book reviews on my new publication "Atmospheric Watercolours" which has only just been released. This morning I read this review by Judith Farnworth and my eyes misted up to the pont of overflowing again.The first review appeared in the Artist Magazine and likened me to JMW Turner in his later years  connected with my more loose interpretations of subjects at times.

Judith writes as an enthusiastic artist who is in love with watercolour. As a review she leads you into how she felt whilst reading my book. I love her comment on appreciating this being a hard back rather than paperback book sas she is uggesting it could become almost a watercolourists bible in the future.

Do enjoy reading Judiths review. If you too have wriiten one that I have missed please forward it to me on   I am forwarding all responses to my publisher and they were thrilled with Judiths descrptive review.


Lisa Graham Art said...

Such wonderful news! Congratulations and I hope your book does well! You are very talented.

Lisa Graham Art said...

I tweeted your blog on my Twitter account to tell them about your new book.

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Thank you so much Lisa, I have heard it is the fastest selling hard back book to date which is wonderful news! Thank you so much for the tweet!