Thursday, 24 May 2012

Atmospheric Watercolours: USA

I am receiving some fabulous feedback on my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours"  which has been long awaited. It is full of lucious tips to get artists of all levels racing for their brushes and that was my goal when I set out to write this publication.

I now have signed copies of my new book for sale on my web site but to UK only.

I know I have many friends and artists in the USA who wish to buy a copy but unfortunately when  I  looked into the postage prices it really took the price of sending my book so high that I didn't feel it could be an option.

I have an online sales shop which is managed for me as my career is now so busy, I don't have time to handle this side of my art life. For example it came as a shock a short time ago  to find my own personalised brush sets sold out within the first day of placing them online for sale! Such was the enthusiasm for my line which I use in demonstrations and workshops regularly.These are still available. Details of how to buy them are on my web site in my online shop. 

To meet the orders professionally and efficiently takes time so handing over this side of my life to a PA has been a very wise decision.

But I do understand that waiting for  a book that others already have is really frustrating.

If you are living in USA and are still interested in buying a signed copy of my book please email me on but bear in mind for me to send to the USA would make each copy just over £30 which is a lot compared to the larger companies online who are in a better position to give you a good deal.

But if you really can't wait then please get in touch!

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