Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Taj Mahal
Hotel Room View
April 2012

My blog has fallen quiet due to my touring India for the last few weeks. I have had the most memorable of special wedding anniversaries organised by my wonderful husband leading to my dream coming true of seeing the Taj Mahal.

Our hotel room had the most incredible view and I cannot begin to describe  how beautiful this sight is in reality.

I have so very much to share in the way of tales, inspiration and  amazing photographs but for now I have so many important emails to catch up on. If you are waiting for a reply I believe it will take me some time to  catch up as there are so many at the moment. So please bear with me.

I left England for a trip of a lifetime. I feel I have returned renewed with so much in my mind that I need to capture in watercolour. To those reading my blog who will be attending my next workshops or demonstrations. Be prepared as I am more inspired than ever!

I will be listing my workshop,demonstration,exhibition and art feature news as soon as possible.

For now I will be dreaming of India and the amazing sights I have seen, people I have met and colourful memories that will last me a lifetime.

In the cover of each of my books you will always find a dedication to the man who has helped me find my wings and encouraged me to fly. My wonderful husband ,John.

A romantic setting for our fortieth Wedding Anniversary.


Lisa Graham Art said...

Happy Anniversary! So glad your dream came true. India is a special place and I can't wait to see what art work is born from your experience.

Mike said...

G'day from Australia, Jean.

A huge congratulations on your
40th Anniversary, a monumental milestone. My parents just celebrated their 44th.
We've been going over your earlier blog posts, going back to the start, and enjoying and learning as we progressed thru to today's post. Thank you for your inspirational blog, jean.
Best regards, Mike and lacey.

Brotesdeternura said...

Spectacular way to celebrate, is the strawberry on the cake that will crown this year so wonderful for you. What a beautiful photo of the roses with the palace behind, I'm dying of love. Soon, we want to see your version of Taj Mahal, I imagine the colors that will brighten the fantastic white ivory or when the sunset reflection in the mirror of water . We can not wait. We miss your posts.

Cristeen said...

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