Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Thread Bear: Emotional Journey

"Thread Bear"
"Believing you can paint and having the confidence to try makes all the difference to becoming a successful artist"J.H.
One of the many quotes from my new book.


This morning I have been pricing my collection of watercolours for my solo exhibition "An Artists Journey" which opens at the Frame Gallery in Odiham, Hampshire on June 1st 2012, this Friday evening with celebratory drinks as part of the launch campaign for my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours".

In the Introduction section of my new book is a painting entitled " Thread Bare". I must admit I adore this painting. In a way it really is a huge part of "My Artists Journey" in that this is where I began like many artists. Painting as a child.  But my reason for loving art wasn't just about creating on paper. I was brought up by my Grandmother who believed children should be seen and not heard. To keep me quiet she would place large wax crayons and paper in front of me. I would sit on a chair by a large table with my skinny little legs dangling and pass hours colouring all the things in life I would dearly love to own. Like a dog that I could play with for hours each day, and all the flowers I knew I shouldn't pick from my Grandfathers gorgeous garden.

I learned to be quiet and as a child I could easily disappear into the background as this was where I felt safe.

My world of colour took me to many imaginary places that in my mind would always be full of love.

I grew up and it is quite ironic that the very thing that my Grandmother gave me to keep me quiet all those years ago has actually given me a voice with which I can be heard all over the world because of my art and passion for painting.

Isn't that amazing?

And  the connection with the bear painting in my book ?

The last thing my mother gave me was a teddy bear. She left when I was very small and I always believed she would come back for me. But she didn't and that bear gave me comfort for a very long time. It was my starting point for a new life back then and is a starting point in my new book.

I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking and positive energy.

In my book you will find many wonderful pages full of inspirational tips on how to succeed in watercolour but these tips often flow into our lives in ways we don't expect. Like an unwanted child being given crayons to keep them quiet. I blossomed from that "gift"

Believing we can do something makes us achieve.

I wasn't sure whether to frame "Thread Bare" or not but he will be in my show at the Frame Gallery and I hope he is loved because he is a very special bear! He also features in my new art collection which will be launched during the exhibition.

Everyone is welcome to attend and if you would like to meet me or have me sign a copy of my new book which will be for sale please check the gallery web site for full details.



Brotesdeternura said...

This bear is so wonderful, indescribable tenderness awakens us back to our childhood away. This painting was very inspiring to me. You know that. I want my book now and wait until September through Amazon makes me endless. Grace

Billie Crain said...

I love this personal story, Jean. You not only managed to survive a less than ideal childhood but turn it into your own personal triumph. Bravo! All my best for a very succeessful exhibition.

Unknown said...

Thank you for having the courage to share some of the underlying motivations for your artistic journey. That Bear is one piece that you should hang on to.