Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lilac Time

Lilac Time
Summer 2012

To all the fabulous artists who came to my demonstrations over the last few weeks here is how I continued to work on one of the washes I showed in my sessions.

Remember the interestingly cool, blue salt wash?

Well this afternoon I completely fell in love with the lilac in bloom outside of my studio window. I couldn't resist picking up that small piece of paper that I showed you the blue salt wash on and  I quickly turned it into a gorgeous interpretation of lilac with very little effort.The salt created the patterns for the individual tiny blooms in each cluster of lilac sprays on my tree.

It really does take just a little imagination to turn all the exercise washes from my book and DVDs into beautifully unique paintings.

So how are you doing with your "three washes a day" prograrmme from my latest DVD " Watercolour Passion"?

And how  will you use all the techniques in my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours"?

Any subject is possible to paint with my techniques so don't miss out with subject after subject in glorious colour!

And my favourite tip?

Paint when the mood  hits you,don't put off that wonderful feeling of needing to paint if you can possibly pick up your brushes the minute inspiration grabs you.
Like it just did when I saw the new lilac in bloom!


Details of my two DVDs and my two books can be found on my web site

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