Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Exhibition Paintings from new Book " Atmospheric Watercolours"

Spanish Dancer from my new book
Atmospheric Watercolours

My life as always is certainly busy. I am preparing for my 2012 exhibitions and have already delivered a new watercolour collection to be framed for my upcoming shows.

I will be releasing original paintings from my new book, "Atmospheric Watercolours", many of which have a special meaning to me as they are part of my journey and growth in my art career. Some depict scenes from my travels such as this Spanish dancer which inspired movement in my brushstrokes. I adore dance and I love feminine dresses. How the skirt picks up and moves with the dancers rhythm always excited me when watching this form of dance, as does the music.

I have also made the decision to place each paintings first proof page/text with each piece from my new book so that the original work will  hold an extra special memory to each buyer and collector.

My shows this year will hold an extra element of magic and I am really looking forward to seeing the collections on display.

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