Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Artist Magazine: Book Review 2012

"Atmospheric Watercolours"
To be launched later this month.

Every writer eagerly awaits the first review when they write a new book. It is a long process from the birth of an idea to seeing all your hard work finally in print. The date for its' release draws nearer but at that time there is a sense of anticipation as you are  waiting to see if others like what you have written and shared. I  placed my heart and soul into each page of this new publication wishing to inspire with every demonstration My desire was to have readers of each section racing to try new ideas and reach for goals that they may never have considered before.

I do believe there is still so much that has yet  to be discovered in this magical medium.

Yesterday I received my copy of June 2012 issue of The Artist Magazine. Within its' pages was the first review for my new book " Atmospheric Watercolours". I started reading each line eager to see what the opinion would be. At first I read in disbelief, each line overwhelmed me. Finally overcome with emotion tears ran down my face. Happy tears.

You see I have had many heros in this art world,one of which greatly influenced my art life.  Two were mentioned in my review. And I am to this moment, overcome by the connection of my work amongst  two masters I greatly admire.

Please read the review and try to imagine,as a writer how I am feeling.


Jean Haines' Atmospheric Watercolours

"The book is nothing less than a paean to the wet in wet technique. If that's your thing,  prepare to be amazed. Jean Haines credits Jean Louis Morelle, and in many ways this book is the sequel to Morelle's remarkable, but very technical work, showing the wealth of creative possibilities the technique offers. A lot of the images are barely recognisable and yet you instinctively know what they are. I wish I knew how, because this is impressionism taken to its logical conclusion and reminiscent of some of the later work by JMW Turner. You will have to take it from me that "First signs of a face appearing magically from a first wash of watercolour" is pure alchemy. This is an extraordinary book."


I was influenced by Jean- Louis Morelles work when I lived in France.  Turner I mention many  times in my art life and I doubt there will ever be a time when my breath will not be taken away when seeing his masterpieces in reality.

The first review of my new book has left me feeling humble and overwhelmed. I am so small to be compared to such great masters; at the same time I am relieved the writer seems to have understood where I was coming from in my own journey. I don't want to accept how I paint today is my final destination I see it as the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life.

I am , of course,thrilled and very happy to read such a generous and glowing review. And I hope readers of my book will agree and enjoy it too.


Paintings from my new book will be on show and exhibited in May and June 2012.
For full details please see my web site.



Jenny said...

Fantastic review, Jean! Looking forward to getting my copy! I hope it is a big success and most of all, encourages and enlightens other watercolour artists. I am looking forward to seeing you at Patchings too! Jenny x

tomorrowletterslices said...

Hi Jean - it appears that many congratulations are in order - for your anniversary, for your new book and the amazing review - and for your latest DVD, which has made it all the way to China.
I am realy looking forward to your new book and seeing more of your incredible paintings and stunning techniques.
Thank you for inspiring so many of us in so many different ways.
Warmest regards

Mick Carney said...

Fabulous review and well deserved. Your artistic vision and individual style is always a delight. I'm sure that this book will build on the success of your previous one which has a treasured place in most of our collections.