Friday, 20 March 2015

A Busy Week

Spring Border
The blue muscari are flowering in our cottage garden now so they are being added to my daffodil paintings!

How wonderful to see inspiration in the garden every day as the Spring flowers start to bloom. I planted many varieties of Narcissus and daffodil last year and now I am reaping the benefits of  my hard work. Lots of gorgeous flowers  to paint daily. And made all the better by today's glorious sunshine!

I have had a hectic week. Starting on Monday with my being on the selection panel for the Woking Art Society Annual Exhibition. On Wednesday I had a meeting with my publisher to discuss my next project which is very exciting. I am already working on it as I adored the day with them. Wednesday evening I was at a Charity event as I had donated a painting for auction which I am happy to say raised much needed funds. I am a firm believer in giving with our art as much as possible so this was a pleasure on my part.

Now I have so much to do before my trip to USA in April so please forgive my slow response to any personal emails right now. I am treating myself to painting time in my studio because once I am on tour I miss that side of my art life.

I have had a few emails regarding copying of my work. Can I please  put everyones' minds at rest. As a teaching artist who writes books on watercolour to inspire I am more than happy for any of my art from my books and DVDs to be used to learn from. I expect the paintings in my books and on my DVDs to be copied because copying is a great way of learning. Also , theres' almost no point in following a step by step in an art book if you aren't actually painting to follow the instructions. 

Having said this, it does appear one artist has showcased an exhibition where nearly every painting on show is a direct copy of my paintings and this has upset a few of my followers. And yes, I am aware of others.

So how about we look at situations like this in this light.

Anyone who passes off another artists ideas as their own can be noticed. And this happens often.
Can I just suggest one of two things.

When you exhibit to sell

1) Use your own material and exhibit work from your own ideas. This way you will be seen as an original artist and gain respect as an artist in your own right.

2) If you wish to copy,  (not just from me!) , please always add " In the Style Of " and name the artist you are copying. This way people viewing your art will give you the respect you deserve for being honest, and also for  painting with skill another artists ideas.

Passing off someone elses' original ideas as their own only reflects badly on the one who is copying. So if you do copy please think twice when sharing on line or exhibiting. You could be spotted so  it really pays to be honest!

I hope this helps!


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