Monday, 9 March 2015

Its' a Wrap!

Primroses in Watercolour

 Wrapping up flowers. Literally!

 It is freezing outside today so painting in my garden wasn't really an attractive option. I don't enjoy my hands being cold! But luckily I spent ages observing primroses yesterday so I am working on several studies in my studio and as always having fun with colour.

I have three paintings on the go. All washes and all very different even though the subject matter is the same. because I am enjoying them so much I just had to share on line too.

Firstly I have created negative edges for  the flowers as my starting point. I am keeping them in clusters of yellow and surrounding these with a variety of backgrounds.

Primrose clusters as first washes on my easel

Most of the primroses in my garden are in woodland spots but a few have planted themselves by self seeding amongst the flower beds. I love happy accidents where ever they are, so if they happen in washes on watercolour paper or appear in my garden I leave them and enjoy them!

I love how these creamy yellow flowers  seem to nestle in the leaves  around them. And the leaves themselves are also fascinating in that they are perfect for using the "wrap" technique to create all those fussy little wrinkles and crinkles!

 Primrose wash with cling film applied to the foreground whilst the wash was still wet, to create the intricate patterns for the leaves.

Using a mix of unusual colours like pink or violet instead of just green gives a fabulous sensation of warmth and add interest. ,every one else paints green leaves so why should we? 
Be unique!

Artist Tip: Never remove the cling wrap until the pigment and  paper is absolutely dry.

Three paintings on the go.
Interestingly the painting on the far right of the easel was painted in my garden whilst my hands were freezing cold. Note the small flowers, neat edges and almost tight result? Now I am in my warm studio I am loosening up far more easily!

N.B. There are primrose washes on my first DVD "Amazing Ways with Watercolour" which can be purchased from Townhouse Films


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