Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Daffodils Galore 2015

"All In a Row"

Yes, I am still painting daffodils. Its' as though I am addicted to painting in yellow at the moment but they feel so great to work on each day. Very spirit lifting.

This afternoon I started a new painting. I used my "Working from a starting point" technique as described in a previous blog post. Initially I created a row of beautiful daffodil centres and then gradually started adding petals around each one.

I have a fabulous tip to share. I always paint a few small studies prior to working on large paintings. These enable me to "warm up" and get to know  my subject well before I commence painting on my large fresh new piece of paper.

I also, sometimes, have a small piece of scrap paper by the side of my  work in progress. If ever I am in doubt of which colours to add next or which detail, I paint on the small scrap study first. Especially if I am working on something very beautiful. As seen in the image below. I used the scrap of paper to experiment with daffodil centres and petals before working on my main painting. 

The scrap however is beginning to look so nice I may turn it into a painting in its own right!

Large painting next to experimental "scrap paper" painting.

This is a brilliant way of working for those who are new to painting without the aid of a preliminary sketch. You can test colour  combinations, discover which detail is fine and which is too much, how dark your new colour applications should be with each brush stroke. And of course you can see if you are capturing the correct shape and proportions of your subjects.

Have fun painting and make the most of each seasons has to bring!

For me, its Spring daffodils!



Milena Barczak said...

Beautiful. Love your blog x

Milena Barczak said...

Beautiful. Love your blog x