Friday, 27 March 2015

The New " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"

"Spring Light"
Copyright Jean Haines

Life is moving so fast for me these days that I am finding it hard to keep up with my own news yet alone share it on line. There is constantly so much happening. If I  did make time to  share everything then I wouldn't have time to paint. But this exciting news I really do need to share.

I had a meeting with my publishers some time ago to discuss an exciting new project which covers the amazing book I will be working on next. Interestingly this new project will have no connection to any of my previous books as I will be moving away from what I have written in the past. This is a healthy move for me as I will need to research my subject and genre well. And it will be highly inspirational on many levels. So at the meeting I was thrilled to be offered a new contract before "Jean Haines World of Watercolour" was even  in its' completed stage of the creative process of writing a book. Instead of sadly saying goodbye to my new book which will be launched in June this year I was already looking forward my next literary adventure. 

But I had another exciting  surprise in store.

My publisher explained that my first book " How to paint Colour and Light" has sold so well internationally that they felt it would be a good idea to take it out of the series it was initially launched in. It is standing alone in sales so my publishers suggested extending it as a completely new version then they will relaunch it in its' new format. This would mean my first book would become more in line with my two later books. " Atmospheric Watercolours" and "Jean Haines World of Watercolours". Both full of  invaluable tips on working in watercolour.

My publishers are, as always, absolutely right. My first book could easily become a larger more interesting publication.  I have agreed to this decision for several reasons. One being that I have outgrown the art in my first book as I have grown as an artist. Also, when I was first asked to write a book I had so much to share that it was all literally squashed into the pages of " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" due to the limited space of the series requirements. I had been offered  a set number of pages for the series and I tried to cover everything I wanted to say within them. It is a lovely book and it led the way into my becoming a popular author with my publisher. It was special as a book which opened doors for me to many workshops worldwide and to my gaining future contracts for my later books. It was in many ways, my key to unlocking my current life writing, teaching and sharing as I do with a passion.

I have agreed to revisit this book and add to it.

So yesterday I made my way to the photographic studio where I painted beautiful new step by steps and tips to be included in the revamped version of my first book. It is now going to be larger with new subjects, gorgeous  advise and tips and the beautiful new full paintings  that it needs.

I left at six yesterday morning, and after five hours of driving and six hours of filming came home exhausted. I still have to choose the images from the contact sheets when they arrive at my cottage. And I still need to write the descriptive text to go with them , plus make the new addition choices that still remain to be made. I drove home in a euphoric state because I know I want to own this book. It is going to be fabulous! I feel I now have so much more to offer readers, as I am more experienced as a writer and teacher.

It was magical listening to the team watching me paint yesterday as they made wonderfully positive remarks about each new painting. And as the new cover was on view a visitor to the studio fell in love with it immediately asking if it was for sale. That is always a great feeling!

This new publication won't be available for some time as I am still working on it but as soon as I have a date I will let you know. But trust me, its well worth looking forward to!

The original version will no longer be available once the last copy has been sold but at the moment there are still copies available.

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