Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Positive Beginnings

Spring Easel 2015

It was so wonderful to walk into my studio this morning and be greeted by the glorious yellow paintings of daffodils from this weeks painting sessions. I had added final details to my loose daffodil watercolour painted in my garden on Sunday and placed more tiny brushwork detail to the long composition that I created yesterday. Leaving both on my easel  as a warming welcome this morning has given me such a fabulous boost to start my days' painting today.

Overnight, I had imagined working on a few wildlife subjects for a change but having seen these completed paintings I may just work on more daffodils while I am in the "Spring Fever" mood!

By the way, I have been asked about the paper I use for my floral work.

I highly recommend Bockingford 140lbs  where you are leaving backgrounds white and for more Botanical studies. I am in love with Saunders Waterford High White and often use Saunders Waterford 300lbs for my gallery pieces, rough surface mostly!

I hope this helps.

Saunders Waterford paper makes a stunning surface to work on for my watercolours.

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