Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Watering The Roses!

Adding the Background
( Copyright Jean Haines )

I thought I could answer a few email questions by posting my new painting of roses at this stage. I am adding the background now and it could be a sky, further greenery in the distance or more roses. As I am in a "rose" mood it has to be roses! 

But how to add the background?

I apply water to the space behind my subject and then I simply drop colour into that space and allow it to dry with no help from me , or my brushes. If I disturb this pigment I will lose the soft freshness of colour simply being there. I have soaked the paper well in the white space at the top of my composition. While the paper is still wet, dropping in colour at random completes the painting and  connects harmony with the colour of my subjects. This trick  works beautifully.

There isn't much more to do on this piece. I will allow it to dry completely, then add a little detail to the outer top petals of my gorgeous pink blooms.

I am rather impatient too at times especially when I am having fun. As I never use a hair dryer to dry my work I am starting a new rose wash, to look forward to working on tomorrow.

Painting roses is very addictive!

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a woman who is said...

I am really hoping we get some flower, especially roses demos in Seattle for the workshops =) Your work with flowers is what got me addicted to your style and fabulous paintings <3 Cindy R.