Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Threes' Company : Moonbears

Yogi, Coco and Bern

How strange the way painting a subject you feel emotional about can play on your heart strings. I was already connected emotionally to the plight of three moonbears being rescued and their awaited arrival at the sanctuary in Vietnam yesterday. Moved so much that I began a painting of Yogi, one of the rescued bears. This is howYogi, below,  first started to appear in watercolour in a very raced quick study.

 Yogi, first brushstrokes and a very quick study.
Like life, a small glimpse into the whole picture.

The odd thing is. Once I had painted a lone moonbear I couldn't stop thinking of how these poor creatures  had spent a decade already in solitary confinement. How could I leave this bear alone in a painting too? And so I quickly added two other bears to my original painting. Coco and Bern are now appearing alongside Yogi ,but as you can see, their faces need adding. ( See below)  Maybe they are shy at seeing daylight for the first time. Or maybe they are inhibited in never having had the opportunity to interact socially with other bears. All these things they will learn in their new life.

 Adding two more bears to keep Yogi company in my initial watercolour

With so much to do before my trip to USA which starts this weekend why on earth am I worried about one lone bear in a watercolour that could easily wait as a painting until I return home? Maybe I think it will bring the bears good luck to be shared together in every way possible right from the start. Or maybe its because I have indeed a very soft heart!


I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has told me they are thinking of  donating to help these bears. We all can help in some way no matter how small it is. I just can't imagine seeing any creature treated as poorly as these poor bears have been. But now, these have a new life!

Information on moonbears, their care, rehabilitation and the charity helping them can be found via this link.


Please note. Thank you to every one who wants to buy this and my other moonbear painting. I am afraid they aren't for sale yet but will be sold at a later date in aid of moonbears and Animals Asia.

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