Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Just a Blob Of Colour

"Rocky Robin"
What do we do as artists when our work is stolen and used by others to make a profit, as in the situation I find myself in with the Australian Home Company. We can stop sharing on line but where would be the fun in that? And why should some dishonest individuals prevent pleasure for so many people worldwide.
I know followers enjoy my blog posts. And I know people who cannot attend my workshops have access to seeing how I work by my  regular posts here. Some artists tell me they often lose inspiration and find it by popping online to see what I have been up to next. It lifts my soul to know I make so many people happy. And I have thought about it. I'm not prepared to let whoever is stealing my art stop me from loving what I do. Maybe I will just have to make my work even more memorable so that everyone notices it if they see it online!
Anyway back to my post. Last night I was playing with colour on scraps of paper. A particularly juicy blob of red faced me. So I used my finger tips to pull the red " blob" of colour downwards to create a red breast. I next added an outline behind it, of a robin. Once the little sparkling eye was placed in what I thought would be the right location, hey presto my blob was a robin!

Robin " Blob"
The funny thing was all day today, I couldn't stop looking at that little scrap of paper. And the real little robin that sits outside my studio conveniently posed beautifully for me while I painted. So much so that I added a little detail to the blob painting before my charming life model outside flew away.
Now this is a  finished painting. All inspired by a blob of colour
Cute isn't it!
Have fun painting and never let anyone  or anything knock or dent your enthusiasm!


Loretta Hamilton said...

I LOVE your little "blob"...he's wonderful! And I agree with you...keep your paintings "out there" so we can all recognize if someone steals your work. Thank you for sharing...you are indeed a wonderful inspiration!

Belinda Lamb said...

Jean my heart feels for you but you are right to be positive, you are hot, make yourself so hot nobody would dare to steal your work again. The more publicity about this the better. Go girl your such an inspiration. Big Hugs Belinda

Belinda Lamb said...
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Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Thank you so much Loretta and Belinda. I will continue to share and think about making myself really "hot"because that comment made me smile!

Lovejoy Bears said...

He is so adorable Jean!!
I am so sad about the difficulty you have had with your photos but I am truly pleased that you are going to continue to share your work with us.
Have you ever thought of putting a watermark or logo on your photos? I have some friends in the blog world who have had to do this after having their photos stolen and used, and a watermark would protect you.
Vicky ♥