Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Crazy Week!

Before the Ball last night!

Goodness what a week. And this morning my batteries are flat. I have to admit I do feel tired!  Which is very unusual for me.

Monday:  Firstly I started the week with a fantastic flying visit from my daughter and a night out, just two girls catching up. 

Tuesday: Then I threw myself into painting on Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for the photography shoot of the relaunch of my first book "How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour " which was to take place on Thursday. It was a last minute decision to film this week so I needed to prepare a list of shots for each new segment and chapter that will be added to the extended version of my first book, bringing it into line with the more fully informative books that I have written since its'  first launch.

Wednesday: A slight distraction from my book preparation as I was asked for photographs and text for an interview for a Home and Garden style magazine. The information had to be sent almost immediately so I really had to work quickly on this one!

Thursday: I drove for five hours, there an back, to the filming location for six hours of non stop filming for the revamp of my new book. This was incredibly tiring, working at such a pace and by the time I came home again my batteries were flagging but ,oh boy, did I feel happy. The shots we have are terrific and this book is going to look fabulous. I am SO excited about its' relaunch!

Friday: I spent unpacking my car and working through new card designs for my Summer collection. Then in the evening we had a glamorous ladies night to go to but part of me wanted to curl up on the settee and go to sleep.  But I did get to wear " The" dress that I had been looking forward to putting on for some time! Photo above.

Saturday: Here I am in my studio sending off the chosen card designs to my printer. And choosing paintings for an upcoming exhibition which have to be framed while I am away in USA on tour. I won't have time on my return to organise the framing for the deadline.

On top of this I heard from a little girl in USA who has honoured me as an artist by selecting me for her school project, so I am arranging to meet her in person when I am in California on tour next month.

Part of me longs for the days when I just painted! Because I always seem to have something I urgently need to do and I keep saying " Yes" to even more exciting new opportunities.

I have a motto. " We only live once so go for it".

Maybe Im possibly " Going For It" a wee bit too much lately!

But I am loving it!

Happy Painting!


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