Friday, 26 June 2015

Absolutely Shocking!

 "Dancing Poppies"
Please Note : This is not.watercolour!

Oh my goodness. Writing my new book is really pushing my boundaries in working in watercolour. And its' been one incredibly amazing day. The final proof of the new version of my first book " How To Paint Colour and Light" arrived. I thought it was already finished but now, after this weekend it finally will be. And oh wow, it looks gorgeous. I am thrilled ! It is far better, bigger and much more informative with fabulous new step by steps included and more tips.

But moving on.

 I sat in the garden this morning, with my husband going through my schedule of workshops this fall and next year. I can't believe we were having a meeting over coffee discussing dates for California, New York, West Virginia, St Louis,Vancouver, Seattle, Oregon, North Carolina and Texas in one go. But those will be this fall and next years tour USA destinations. So I am in a "Pinch me, I'm dreaming" kind of mood. What is really terrific is how excited everyone is about me returning to USA. But nowhere near as excited as I am.

I had to go out this afternoon and on my way home I passed a bank of poppies dancing in the breeze. Their petals looked like skirts lifting and swaying in many directions. I was fascinated. And I came home determined to paint them.

But as I mentioned earlier. My new book is really exciting to work on and I could feel myself totally "letting go". I am in a slightly more crazy mood than usual!. I covered a large piece of blank paper with water. Then I literally dribbled inks otnto the wet paper. In red, blue and green, Deliberately NOT trying to be tidy or organised. I used my toothbrush to splatter watercolour pigment on top in places. I used an old knife that is next to my desk for opening envelopes. The knife created stems as I drew it gently through the still wet colour. I used a water spray to diffuse areas and soften them.

And I happily created a glorious mess!

My hands are stained. My face has multi coloured freckles on it. I do hope they wash off. And I feel energised. I felt, for five minutes like a five year old playing with colour ant not caring at all about what happened.

But I have to explain. I don't class this painting as being created in watercolour. To me, if a product has the name "watercolour" on it, then I am working in that medium, Anything else is mixed medium or the substance which has been used. In this case ink. Definitely not watercolour. .

It is very unusual for me to break away from my favourite pigments. But I did. I loved it and I felt like I was on a holiday. But oh boy, I cant wait to work tomorrow. In watercolour!

"Close up of Dancing Poppies"


I called this blog post" Absolutely Shocking" because I know a few of my followers will be shocked . to see to see me move away from the medium I love most of all!


Jennifer Branch said...

Oh, how fun! Absolutely beautiful!

lynnie said...

I have just recieved your new book World of Watercolor. I am sooo excited! I am enthralled by dynamics of watercolor and the freedom it allows if one will let it. I just had no idea how to begin although I've been trying for a while. With little inate talent, I do believe you can do anything you want to do. I've been painting (gleefully) cat eyes for days now. Thank you. :)