Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Full Speed Ahead in UK and USA

 "Hydrangea Clusters in Blue"

Okay. Now I admit I need a clone of me. Everyone has laughingly teased me, asking how I fit so much into one day. And I usually reply that I have lots of energy. I do, but today probably was the most interesting for a long time. Did I really do all that!

I woke very early because I was eager to complete a chapter I had started on my new book. It was falling into place so beautifully yesterday and I couldn't wait to re read it ad check the paintings one more time before I sent them to Ed, who is the editor for this new publication. Checking each page, lay out and text. This book is  stepping right inside my heart and is very hard to let go of . I love it. Its different to anything I have ever done before and its making me think so much. About my life. My art and why I love painting so much. I don't want to be away from it, even for a second. In fact I want to write the next chapter right now but that wouldn't be fair. My energy level has dropped so it wouldn't be written when I was feeling at my best. And I want each page to be beautifully absorbing to read as well as have exciting images in it to enjoy.

So after walking Bailey this morning, I raced to my studio. Things changed as they often do. My quiet writing time disappeared. I have been invited  to give an interview for a fabulous art magazine and had agreed. Today was the day and the questions were brilliant. Interviews are so much easier when the interviewer is professional and fascinating. And they were!

So having spent time and enjoyed this first interview today, I later opened my email for a request for an interview  with a USA magazine. This isn't so much an interview, as it is more an insight into my new book. I have been asked to forward images for the feature so sent a selection for the editor to choose from and happily for me,  they loved them.

Next was a request by a gallery for images to promote my solo exhibition with them which opens in September, this year.  This show will be highlighting and selling the original paintings from my new book " Jean Haines World of Watercolour". There are favourite subjects in the book that already have gained interest. Like the little harvest mouse and the puffin.  So please follow my blog or check my web site if you would like to own one of these paintings, which are now very dear to me. And if there is a painting you like in my new book now is a good time to contact me. Because quite often favourites sell long before a show opens, by pieces being reserved.

So now finally after all the excitement you would imagine I could paint and work on my new book. No, not at all, because a fabulously exciting email from USA arrived and I am really desperate to share the news inside it but cannot just yet. And I am useless at keeping secrets! And it meant I needed to send more images and text too. This had to be done today.

In between all this activity I did work on a few paintings and yes, complete the special chapter which is now with Ed. I wonder if he will like it! I certainly hope so because for me, the emotion when I worked on it was so real and I think its going to be a very informative part of the opening section of this incredible new project. 

Oh, but I did manage to paint  hydrangeas ever so briefly. To relax in between all the excitement going on! Hence the above image and the images below.

Close up of a section of the painting above. Beautiful blooms and smashing individual petals to develop as the painting evolves in the creative process.

A painting within a painting. This section of my new hydrangea floral painting of hydrangea is almost complete. I love this piece so much that I am in no race to finish it.


Artists Tip for the Day?

Take each day as it comes, be flexible and enjoy what happens as it happens!

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