Friday, 19 June 2015

Personal Diary 2015. New Project

Today started with a very early morning as I have woken full of excitement. I left my studio yesterday carrying an air of excitement too. It stayed with me so much that I returned to my studio last night for an hour which turned,unsurprisingly, into more than a few. I feel as though I have been hit by a fever. It's taking over my whole being in every sense. Every second my thoughts turn to how I can describe easily what my mind is telling me to put down in text. Or paint to describe my words.

You see. I have started writing a new book. But it's different from anything I have ever written before. In a way that is almost frightening. It isn't a step by step book on how to paint in watercolour as such. It carries a whole new meaning and it is making me possibly open my soul far more than I ever have before. The opening page is frank. Sharing a personal experience that leads deeply into the contents. And I have shared this opening with my new Editor. Ed.

I don't know Ed well. I have only ever worked with Katie when creating my previous books. Katie knows me so well that she can almost read my mind. I'm an author who likes to write all their own text, create paintings and step by steps that are clearly matched and laid out in a stunning design page by page. I work hard on each chapter, going over it carefully imagining how the reader will understand or follow my words and demonstrations. Katie and I are a team that understands each other so well. I forward my completed work to Katie and from there it is edited. Turned into a printable version for each new book. All the lay outs are carefully thought out. Changes are suggested if necessary but often these are minor but magical. We worked as a great team.

But things change. Katie has moved in a new direction career wise. And following an incredible meeting with my publisher last year I have too. Sometimes life leads us where we need to be without us even knowing. And in my heart I know I'm being led in writing to where I am meant to be. My publishers understand me. They know my strengths and they have observed what's been happening not just with my book sales but with my career. The time is right for me to be brave and write this new book on a whole new theme. I don't want to say too much about it here. Mainly because I am still on a wonderful high from the launch of my latest book "Jean Haines World of Watercolour" .

But as I let one book go from my heart another has crept into it. One yet to be born. It's just, only just, past the conception of an idea stage.

And so I found myself forwarding the opening text this week, which is so highly personal, to Ed. Would he understand? Would he enjoy reading it or come back to me concerned that the content wasn't right. Silence at first. No response. Because Ed was absorbing what I had sent. Taking time to think about it which is to be expected. But then came an incredible email. Ed is eager. Ed is enthusiastic. He has not only loved those two opening pages he has already suggested one minor change. Two words needed to be in bold letters. Just two words. And the impact was great.

"I leapt"

Those were the two words.

He is right.

Ed gets exactly what I am trying to say and share in this new literary project. And he is as excited as I am to be teaming up for a book that truly will be very different. This is frightening. Really terrifying but I am going to throw myself into this with all my heart. Because I know this is a book that is wanted. And to those who want it, my heart is going into it.

I can remember the meeting with my publisher about this new project. I was excited then. Thrilled that they saw in me something new that I could write. This new book is how I am, how I teach and how painting effects everything I do in life. It's me. But more than that. Its' needed.

I am going to share this new books' progress in a personal diary form on my blog from time to time. So you will understand why I am quiet at times. Or annoyingly on a high. Perhaps I may be thoughtful or distant. But I will be here!

Dear Ed, if you are reading this. We face an incredible adventure together. I know, you are aware of  how exciting this is going to be. And we both know, this is about to become an adventure of a lifetime. My new book is a dream to write as an author. And to share each chapter with you as the pages develop and the story unfolds is going to be memorable.

I am going to take that leap. Into a new book.

Letting go.

And leaping. 



Graciela De Luca said...

Ya mismo reservo el primer ejemplar! ;)

Belinda Lamb said...

Wow is all I can say. Good luck Jean, what a wonderful place to find yourself in this life. Belinda x

Cathy said...

How exciting! I am so happy for you and can't wait to see it in print. I wish you good fortune in your journey : )

Carolyn Ford said...

Look forward to following your new journey!

a woman who is said...

I am excited! You have a flow of inspiration that is contagious. If you can put that into words, how you move through your creative process, it will be genius. Something I can't wait to read!