Sunday, 21 June 2015

I Didn't Want To Go : Portrait Demonstration

Portrait Demonstration from my new book
Jean Haines World of Watercolour

I thought I would share the story behind my portrait demonstration from my new book this morning.

I Didn't Want To Go

Everyone always thinks I am so cheerful and most of the time I am. But there have been times where I have been anxious or concerned about what was happening in my life. Years ago, I desperately wanted to settle down and yet we kept moving from one country to the next with my husbands career. Each time my heart sank as it meant saying goodbye to wonderful friends that I had come to love so dearly. Yet alone the fact that I was leaving  homes and gardens I had lovingly created in each new location.

And so, I found myself faced with yet another move to another country. The third time in only twelve months. We had started the New Year living in Hong Kong. From here we moved back to UK to settle down in Spring but my husband was offered  a job that was too good to refuse. We moved in the Autumn. This time in Dubai.

I didn't want to go. 

I had already unpacked, found a new house to decorate in UK and started living as if we were here to stay. But I knew this was a career move that was one of importance. We had to go and I knew it. I left England with a very sad heart. It didnt help that I had heard stories of living in Dubai that didn't thrill me at all. Each one totally untrue I have to add. Living in Dubai was wonderful. But my children had grown up. No longer could I hang around school gates to pick them up and at the same time meet other Mums. I had to find another way to make friends whilst my husband was travelling and constantly away from home. Leaving me in a foreign country.

I joined the Dubai International Art Centre and from there my career took off. Unexpectedly. I taught. I exhibited and I was in numerous galleries. My career was hitting a fabulous high just at the time that my husband was offered yet another brilliant job. Not in UK as we had expected. But back in Hong Kong. And we were to move again.

And guess what?

I didn't want to go.

Sometimes in life doing what we don't really want to brings us the greatest rewards. I look back and think how lucky I was to have had such an exciting and varied life .With friends of all nationalities scattered all over the world who I love just as much even though I now type to them rather than share a meal. Grabbing what comes our way with both hands rather than fighting it is possibly the best advise I can give. For me it worked although I struggled at the time.

So the man in my new book is from my life living in Dubai. A Market Seller who caught my eye and made a great subject for both my camera and my brush. The market changed shortly afterwards and people who lived there years ago know how this effects the scene. But I love this painting and the demonstration. A favourite chapter from my new book which has been highlighted as an extract in The Artist Magazine in UK , July issue.


If you want to see the demonstration my book is available from

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Cathy said...

This is a wonderful post and it was fun learning about your travels. I'm glad you can look back at them as a learning experience.