Thursday, 25 June 2015

Wey Gallery : Summer 2015

"Winning Team"
 ( Please note : This Art is strictly Copyright of  Jean Haines )

I am delighted to share the news that my new collection of action paintings will be available at the Wey Gallery in Godalming, Surrey this Summer.  Pieces include Cycling scenes and my now very popular horse racing paintings. There are some very large pieces in this collection, each is alive with vibrant colour and a strong sense of movement. 

Having visited the gallery this week to talk about my new work arriving, it was wonderful to see such an incredible display of new art on show. This gallery tends to be selective and always has something new to see which is refreshing in the current art world. So often when visiting exhibitions we see similar subjects painted in the same way by a number of artists. Not at the Wey Gallery. What I love most about exhibiting here is that there is always something totally new to see each time I walk into the spacious light venue. And I love that the owners are at so professional and always willing to help on every single level.

I should explain that most of my new gallery work will not be shown online. The decision not to show these pieces avoids the dilemma of original art being copied and passed off as another artists' idea. This decision is out of respect to both collectors and galleries alike. We are all becoming increasingly aware of a sad situation where artists with little imagination of their own follow who they feel are successful artists to "mimic" their art. Especially if the original artist has best selling subjects or consistently new ideas. A collector who purchases an expensive original quite rightly expects to own the art without seeing imitations elsewhere. Which is the main reason that ,very sadly, a lot of my gallery work is now not shown online. Having said that, I now find it almost impossible to replicate a piece myself as I have become far more complex in style and technique over the years.

I am fortunate to be in in wonderful hands of established galleries who represent me and I respect them.

 My paintings can be viewed at the Wey Gallery this Summer. 
Prices will also be available on request. Art collectors can contact the gallery to preview the new work coming in.

Please contact the gallery for full details of prices and viewing times. 


N.B.  Readers of my books and artists who attend my workshops please note. You are more than welcome to use the art in my literature to learn from and copy as often as you wish. As well as learning from my blog which I hope is inspirational.. Especially so, for the techniques and ideas I share in my workshops. The whole aim of them is to inspire others to enjoy painting as much as I do and to help others in their art journeys and art careers. 

This is very different from copying art seen in a gallery with the sole purpose of trying to sell similar copies in another!


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Graciela De Luca said...

Tu arte es verdaderamente increíble, de superación permanente. Tus textos y publicaciones no tienen desperdicio, son para leer y releer en el tiempo, son las joyas en nuestra biblioteca.
Esta pintura es "Sublime", lo tiene todo! Y es muy tuya. Gracias por compartirla.

Quienes te seguimos entendemos tu nuevo proceder con el compartir en línea y aún así sigues siendo muy generosa.

Felicitaciones por tu éxito y abultada agenda, la tienes muy merecida.

Siempre aquí, Graciela