Thursday, 18 June 2015

Moreton On Marsh Book Signing Event 2015

 The Manor Hotel
Moreton On Marsh
Book Signing Event with afternoon tea 
16th June, 2015

Thank you so much to everyone who came to my book signing event in Moreton On Marsh at the stunning Manor Hotel, this week.

I must confess I was surprised to see the number of people attending as originally this was to be a small personal affair but the numbers jumped up gradually during the booking period to a sold out room. The venue was superb. With a fabulous greeting area and setting for my presentation.

Before my talk commenced I wandered around the tables to meet guests and learn a little about them as in where they were from and what they hoped to see.  I was stunned to see a familiar face of an artist who had attended my workshop in Sydney, Australia. A long way from home for sure! On the same table was a lovely lady from Italy who I need to thank for the delightful home made Italian biscuits she brought me as a gift. They were scrummy and are disappearing fast!

There were people from all over UK in the room, having driven up from London and further afield. Possibly what took me back the most was a gentleman from my own village who hasn't had the opportunity to meet me here so travelled to the Cotswold's to make sure that he did!

I gave a lively demonstration which was followed by an incredible afternoon tea. Several guests said the scones were the best they had ever tasted and I have to agree. As light as a feather and accompanied by clotted cream, they were simply divine. For those who were worried about me, my terrific husband saved me some for when I had finished and cleared my art things away. And I had two, not one! To be fair the hotel were so generous and the scones available seemed endless!

I managed to wander around Moreton On Marsh the next day and it is gorgeous. Beautiful Cotswold stone buildings and a fascinating market place.

Well, the good news is, the event was such a success that I have been invited back next year. And I have accepted. But it will be a celebration occasion. Which for now , as a reason, is under wraps. Top secret! But on a first come first served basis, tickets will be available and advertised at a later date.

I can highly recommend staying over and seeing the Cotswold's if you plan ahead to come. We are looking at July 2016. At the same gorgeous Manor Hotel because it was absolutely brilliant with great staff too.

So you heard it here first!

And thank you so much to the Manor Hotel for hosting my 2015 event and for being so professional.

And Richard, thank you for the invitation!

Again to everyone who made this such a memorable day. Thank you so much. I hope you are now painting non stop and trying out the ideas I shared. And enjoying your free samples of paper kindly donated by St Cuthberts Mill. And the gorgeous dot cards provided by Daniel Smith, not forgetting the exciting Daniel Smith prizes of the new 5ml. watercolour sets.

I have to say, writing a book means I lose so much of my life, hiding away for hours on end simply working through chapters and ideas. I love writing but I do seem to disappear with each new publication for a while.  But events like this and all the kind feedback I am receiving about my latest book makes it all worthwhile.

I am one very lucky lady!

 Proofs and paintings from when "Jean Haines World of Watercolour" was being written and created. Hours of work but I hope was well worth waiting foras a  result in the finished publication.

Flamingo from my new book!
A now favourite demonstration.


Jean Haines World of Watercolour is available via this link

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LesleyE said...

Can't wait have ordered my copy and due to be delivered next week. Hopping between your two books I have already keeps me excited to keep painting despite all my exercises in colour as I now call them. Thank you for your inspiration and the joy your art brings to so many.