Saturday, 13 June 2015

Hollyhocks in Watercolour

 "Pretty in Pink"
Hollyhocks from a demonstration at Patchings Art Festival 2015
For the Art Society group that had to leave early and miss my afternoon demonstration

It has been yet another busy week. Maybe I should start all my blog posts with the same sentence as I always seem to be saying that! My birthday was mid week so I have had a fabulous time enjoying it with my family throughout last week. Starting with a gorgeous surprise visit from my daughter and her husband on Monday, a birthday night out with friends on Wednesday and tonight I will be out again with my youngest son and his beautiful lady.

It has hit me more than ever how life  often detracts us from our painting time. But it is also so important not to forget friends and family because of a passion, hobby or in my case career. I had put my painting on hold temporarily this week and it has done me the world of good because here I am in my studio eager to complete paintings and begin new ones.

Outside my studio window is a flower bed and there, holly hocks are beginning to bud. They remind me of the painting I created while at Patchings last week. Showing a  friendly group of artists from an art society how I would make painting them so simple. Anyone who has my DVDs or watercolour books will know I often use cling wrap to create the tiny crinkled patterns of their petals. Anyone watching me recently on my current workshops or demonstrations will know I adore using Daniel Smith Opera Pink. And oh boy how smashing it is as a shade for painting summer flowers.

Above in my painting of hollyhocks you see vibrant use of  Opera Pink to form the flowers in the foreground and diluted Opera Pink creates the less detailed flowers in the background. Add a touch of Cascade Green in the lower foreground with gorgeous Daniel Smith Cadmium Yellow and my painting is complete.

A brilliant way to spend the weekend. Painting beautiful summer flowers!

 Abstract Holly Hock flowers. A wash without detail can be quite charming.

 Strengthening an abstract wash with a touch of detail

Hollyhocks. Fun to paint and totally freeing!
No detail, just colour and shape to form unique compositions