Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Artist Magazine July Issue 2015

Extract from my new book
Jean Haines World of Watercolour
In "The Artist Magazine" July issue 2015

It was wonderful this morning receiving my copy of the July issue of The Artist magazine to see an extract of my new book "Jean Haines World of Watercolour" included.

The feature gives focus to my strategy for development as an artist. I strongly believe we often fall into the trap of putting emphasis on learning from others when at times our best teachers can actually be ourselves. We are the ones who push ourselves ( or not! ) to improve, to reach goals and place a value on our work. Whether it is simply to paint a recognisable subject or move to a completely new style. We are the only ones who really know what we are aiming for or wish to achieve when we look at a blank piece of paper and begin to paint on it. 

I have found it invaluable as an exercise to return to paintings I did years ago and see whether I prefer how I would paint them now, to in the past. I can ask myself  " Have I grown as an artist? ".  I can see colours or techniques that I may have preferred in past work and compare them to learn why I changed my mind over the years to the new ideas I use now. I can also see if I have stood still in skill level or spread my wings.

So this chapter is about learning and developing. It is also a fabulous insight into how I paint portraits when I am adding faces to figures in landscapes.

It is one of my favourite chapters so I am thrilled to see it in this months issue of the Artist magazine which is packed with many other fantastic features. A must have magazine for summer reading and inspiration.

"The Market Seller"  was inspired by my time living in Dubai. And is a fascinating memory of my time there visiting souks and seeing incredible sights that were totally paintable and wonderful. This is a favourite character that I have painted many times.

"The Market Seller"
Jean Haines World of Watercolour


Paintings' from my latest book will be exhibited in September this year. More details will follow in another blog post.

For now, anyone interested in this chapter or painting portraits can find more information on my latest book which can be purchased via this link.


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