Thursday, 25 June 2015

It is So Good To Be Alive

Blue Hydrangea on my easel
Large work in progress

It really is so good to be alive. I woke early this morning, wakened by the sunshine that refused to be ignored. I practically raced to my studio at the crack of dawn to enjoy painting. The feeling when watching colour flow across paper is so enriching that I just know the day ahead will be brilliant.

I have started selecting paintings to go to the framer for my solo show in September at the Frame Gallery in Odiham. I have paintings here ready to be framed for my exhibition with the Pure Watercolour Society at the Windrush Gallery, again in September. I have work laid out to write about for my new book and I have even started clearing up my studio ready for filming my new DVD here in August. And it isn't even  9.00 a.m yet!

Now I will take a break and walk Bailey, my Beraded Collie, before I seriously start my day.

I adore days like these. Sunshine makes me feel so happy and it is impossible not to paint when you are in this mood. A new hydrangea painting is now sitting on my easel. Ready for the final touches after my walk.

Whatever you are doing today, have a great day!


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