Friday, 19 June 2015

The Genie of the Paint Box by Daphne Stevens

How wonderful to have a poem written about me. And I met the poet at Moreton On Marsh at my book signing event this week.

Thank you so much Daphne. I love it and just had to share it!


Daphne Stevens

Fireworks of colour, explosions of light,
Starbursts of energy surging and bright
Movement and magic excitement and thrill,
Kaleidoscope moments of technique and skill

It could be Fiesta or Carnival time
or maybe it's Christmas with spangles sublime
But no it's Jean, the Genie with colour and brush
For Cockerel and Hare, for Owl and for Thrush

The tubes in her box all jostle in turn
'She must use me next' they excitedly yearn
Her favourites all preen in complacent repose
Till a newcomer takes centre stage for a Rose.

Exuberant flowers flow right off her page
Dogs, Cats and Horses escape from their cage
Such joy in abundance is hers it is clear
And she shares it all gladly with all of us here

 She must be bewitched to produce such delight
as she conjures her paintbrush by day and by night
Magicians all watch as the Genie holds sway
as they stumble around in the old fashioned way

Thank you Jean Genie for all you have done
Your blog is a blast I never miss one
Your tips and your tricks are treasures of worth
I'm a born again artist, with new faith from rebirth


I love this and will read it often!


Christy Lemp said...

Absolutely delightful! what an honor to be written about in this way!

ladywonderbrush said...

I mean Genie each time I see the Jean`s name mentioned as well. Correct association!