Friday, 9 September 2011

Fabulous Friday

Last night I had an incredible dream. I pushed it to one side this morning and enjoyed working on my new book in my studio. Right now there are many wonderful new paintings littering the  work tops and floors so  there will be very tough decisions to make on which  will fit into the next chapters I am writing. I am deeply engrossed in these sections as they are to me the most exciting part of my book. Everything until now has led to these stages and I want them to be as inspirational as they possibly can be.

 I took a coffee break and answered the phone.  At first I couldn't take in the conversation at first because my dream had come true. The call which was completely out of the blue followed with an afternoon meeting here. The outcome will be shared next year I am afraid because until everything is finalised I don't wish to sabotage my amazing day but I am over the moon! 

It was very hard to settle to painting after such a brilliant start to the afternoon but the work I have created today I am thrilled with and I know these new paintings will make all the difference to what I am aiming to share in the pages of my new book.

If that wasn't exciting enough I had two galleries contact me this afternoon asking for work and an incredible email regarding workshops next year.

Luckily I needed to take my  affectionate dog Bailey for a walk which  pulled my feet back firmly to the ground!  

I thought 2011 was pretty exciting but 2012 is going to be really fantastic!


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