Thursday, 8 September 2011

Autumn Inspiration: Blackberries in Watercolour

Inspired By Nature

"Blackberry Delight"
Autumnal watercolour coming to life in the creative process

Owning a dog is a wonderful excuse to have to go out daily for long walks. For me the morning walk is a time to  consider what I will be painting  during the day whilst my afternoon walk is a time to reflect on what I have already achieved and created. Often I find interesting twigs, fungi, berries or  wildflowers to bring home to my studio to work from  as inspiration. I know painting even the smallest of subjects every day as a warm up exercise will lead me into far better large paintings when I come to create my more serious compositions.

This month every single  walk has been a treat for finding treasure to paint. I have watched colours change with the  season as the light has ranged from sunlit subjects to  those with a more hazy appearance.

 Luscious berries coming to life in a watercolour

In my studio there are now countless numbers of paintings depicting Autumn subjects. Berries such as rosehips and haws have been a delight to work on. Blackberries are so gorgeous in rich deep hues that painting them has become an annual addiction. And the hazelnuts strewn all over the ground have  created fascinating patterns. It has been an artists dream every day walking to new destinations and discovering  even more  fabulous items to  carry home and work from. 

Beautiful berries.

 Whatever your routine, please try to find some time to escape to the country and enjoy what naure has to offer. You will learn far more studying the light and form of real subjects than anything you will come across online.  Make the most of Autumn!


My 2012 programme of events will be shared soon.It is so full and  so exciting  that I cannot wait to share all the details. The first sessiosn start in February 2012 followed by Spring and Summer sessions but they will close until Autumn as I will be teaching abroad next year. For this reason when my dates are announced please book early!


Autumn Workshops 2011
 ( Fully Booked )

Can everyone attending my october workshops please make the most of enyoing nature right now. Take photographs,study what is around you so that the colours you see from life will flow into your paintings. This fall we are aiming at paintings that literally sing with life and the sessions are going to be amazing!

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