Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Painting With Friends

Working in my studio casually with friends yesterday.
Holding a flower for inspiration.

Yesterday the weather was terrible as heavy rain settled for the day but  it really didn't make any difference at all to my mood as wonderful friends were coming for the day to paint in my studio. Once we had caught up with each others news we painted  and worked through the morning until lunch which was at a charming nearby local pub.

Returning home we picked a few Japanese Anenomes from my garden and white cosmos and enjoyed the quick challenge of painting them. Its amazing how  everyone can look at the same flower and see a completely unique way to paint it. By the end of the day I felt totally relaxed and so eager to paint this morning.

While I am working on my next book I often feel as though I am slowly disappearing from the world as I gradually become more engrossed in what I am creating.So to have fantastic day like yesterday was a real treat!

And to top it all we made our own sunshine!


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Susan Roux said...

Sounds like a real delight! I could use some self made sunshine up here. It's been raining for days...