Saturday, 24 September 2011

Photography Shoot September 2011

Gavin taking images for my next book at this weeks photography shoot

Earlier this week I  loaded my car with all my materails and finished paintings to drive to the photography session for my next book.This had been organised and arranged by my wonderful publishers Search Press. The date had to be linked in with the final chapters of my new book which meant the majority of my watercolours had to be complete and all decsions on demonstrations well thought out in advance.

As this is my second book I am now more prepared for what is to happen on these fantastic days. I knew I would be working under bright lights that tend to get very  hot throughout the day. I also knew I would be stopping at intervals for particular shots, timing how long it would be for my water colours to dry in between these shots so as not to lose the flow of my work or where I was leading with each stage. You do need to be able to focus on what is going on with not only your painting but how its development is being recorded. For me, being aware of how readers will be able to follow each step is vital. I was prepared to simplify some sections  but also make sure there were more advanced pieces for the artist who is inclined to be more adventurous!

Day one of the shoot flew by and I was on cloud nine when I left the studio for my hotel. Here I mapped out what was to happen the next day and  reflected on any necessary changes or additions to be included from the first days shoot. Day two arrived and  it seemed to disappear as fast as it had started purely because everything went so well and my time with the team was so enjoyable.

There was a working lunch to discuss with my publsihers the schedule for my new books release in 2012, the promotional events and where it will be available. My own diary for 2012 is already very full with special workshops in UK and USA. I have a long list of art societies that I will be visiting and demonstrating for. I will be demonstrating again  during the SWA Society for Women Artists Annual 2012 Exhibition in London and I am going to be filming a new DVD. Life is very full!

When my day was complete after the very last shot of paintings it was time to  photograph my materials.This is going to be a very interesting section of my book because I share my favourite watercolour products and I really do want to thank the wonderfully generous suppliers of materails who have  given me such   fantastic support. After these shots came the moment I dread , the  part I always try to avoid and everyone knows I do. The authors photograph! I did suggest we used the same photograph that was used in my last book but to no avail. Surprisingly I found myself laughing and having fun for a change in front of the camera . Normally you only see my back when I am working! I hope you like the result when you come to see it inside the cover of my new book when it is available next year.

You may wonder what there is left to do as part of the books creative journey ?

Well this is where things really start hotting up with a full schedule on how to move forward. I need to complete the very last few chapters to close the book. I need to write the full text to go under every single  demonstration photograph and there are many of these! I will be going through the final layout design and making the last changes before the book goes to print. And of course the cover has yet to be decided upon.

The next few months will be a thrilling time and I  will soon need to let go and wait anxiously for the moment when I hold my printed book in my hands for the first time.Before that I will receive the first  draft of the book to give my approval before it goes to print.

It is all a very exciting process and I need to thank some very special people who are really making this dream of mine come true.

Katie from Search Press who is working with me on every step of this books creation. Together we are an incredible duo!

Martin from Search Press who made my day a week ago with a fabulous decision and who gave the go ahead for this book in the first place!

Roz  who I believe is a magician but the reason behond that thought is for another blog entry!

Caroline and Mary who  will be a huge part of my books promotion and sales worldwide. Their enthusiasm is as  high energy as mine. Although in all honesty mine needs to be diluted at times as I am a naturally happy individual!

Gavin and Roddy who are the most amazing photographers I have ever met,working with them is a dream and they get every  moment I want filmed, especially the watercolour action on paper.Thank you so much guys!

Juan is the genius behind the material shots that allow me to share what I use in ways that I would never imagine. An absolutely brilliant and vital part of  our team.

In fact I think together we make the " dream team" and I will share a photo of us all together in my next blog post!

For now I am dying to just paint.....with exciting colour combinations and relax whilst moving my brush!

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