Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Painting With Friends

 Biscuit,my art critic!

Working in my studio can be quite comical at times due to my over affectionate cat called Biscuit. She will try to walk over my arms while I am  typing  on the keyboard, happily walk through a still wet palette and over paintings placed on surfaces to dry between washes which often adds  unexpected additions of colour to my compositions. If I have been working for far too long she will get impatient for attention so I take small breaks to give her a little fuss.While doing so I often look at my work in progress and decide what is needed in the next stages of a compositions development.

On  my easel I have some fabulous paintings of blackberries, foxgloves and all kinds of flowers from my garden. But I have cleared working space as I have three friends visiting me today and we will be painting together which is a well deserved and welcome break.

Jane is visiting from Italy and has a fabulously soft style and often choose very unusual subjects to paint like keys and door handles..  Lindsay is the  Hon. Secretary for Farnham Arts Society and enjoys painting buildings and landscapes and Helen is fairly new to watercolour. We all met online although I knew Lindsay from years ago so we reunited via the internet.

It is pretty amazing how small the world has become now that we can communicate with friends from all over the world simply by hitting the "send button" to messages on facebook,twitter or email. But how much nicer it is to be sat here knowing I will be seeing these friends in person today and painting in the same room!

Some things just aren't the same shared over a computer screen!



Vandy said...

What a lovely way to spend a day.

I think Jane's paintings are stunning. She brings so much light into them, and as you say, her subjects are often quite unusual.

Hope you have a wonderful day together.

Lindsay said...

Yes I quite agree Jean. It was a lovely day and a wonderful chance for us all to paint together again. Thank you.
Biscuit came to tell us it was tea time as we were all engrossed in our paintings and had not realised such time had passed. Trust a cat to know!

jane minter said...

... i'm sure sidney would love to join biscuit and bailey in your studio given half a chance jean ...it was wonderful to spend the day painting together ..will be in touch :)big thankyou jean .