Tuesday, 20 September 2011

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go!

Autumn Wonder!

My car is now laden with my paintings and materials needed for the photography shoot of my next book which start tomorrow morning, arranged by my  fantastic publishers Search Press. This  afternoon I will be heading for the professional photographic studio owned by Roddy and meeting up with photographer Gavin who  took all the images in my last photography session a while ago this year.

I can't wait!

You can imagine how I feel. Excited is an understatement! I have checked my own studio to make sure I have everything with me. I have all the paintings and subjects ready  for the demonstrations which will be captured step  by step by the camera. Having now had experience from filming demonstrations my first book I know what to expect.

Just before I  packed my car I had wonderful news which I am dying to share for 2012 and I know  it is going to go down very well!  Can my life possibly things get any better? Surely not!

So I will be painting with sparks flying off my brushes this week and I hope you will  be too.There is  no better time to get excited about colour and texture in your work than Autumn so I hope everyone is going to paint like mad while I am away!

When I return I will be sharing news of my next exhibition at The Frame in Odiham which will be showcasing some surprising new subjects. It will open on 28th October and I am looking forward to seeing friends there,old and new. Come along and meet me, enjoy the  new collection and be inspired for a whole new Season full of energy,life and vibrant colour!

More news on my exhibition this weekend.

For now.........

Wish me luck on my photography shoot!

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