Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Thank you!

Thank you!

Please don't think I don't notice who is following me or take you for granted!

My life is very busy at the moment and to be honest seems to keep getting busier day by day. But when I notice a new name on my list of followers of my blog I feel very grateful that anyone finds what I share here interesting.  I  don't take you being here for granted because in this hectic world we all have so much to do.

So quietly,while no one is looking I just want to leave a huge thank you here to everyone who has supported me in so many ways.By buying my book, DVD, following me on twitter,facebook or my blog.

I really am very grateful and  I appreciate you being with me on my art journey. And I hope to be a tiny part of yours,

Have a fabulous day,



Tricia Ross said...

Thankyou for all your inspiration and motivation in sharing your Art Journey. It is much appreciated. Hope you are also having a fabulous day. Love Tricia

Jean Haines SWA said...

Helli Tricia, in all honesty I seem to be having a truly wonderful life yet alone wonderful day! I am so very very lucky! Thank you so much for such a lovely reply on my blog, it's lovely to know you and share with you,Have a great week ahead,Jean