Thursday, 8 September 2011

New Sailing Gallery on my Web Site.

 "Passing the Storm"

A new gallery has been added to my web site  to include the new paintings from my collection of sailing scenes. You can find the paintings in the existing "Action" Gallery  

 or via this link

As a new theme and introduction prices of the  collection start reasonably from £250 - £595.  I will be moving into larger  pieces in this theme shortly.  This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a piece that represents the beginning of a whole new chapter in my art career. To view the collection please visit the WEY GALLERY in Godalming,Surrey, UK


It really has been very exciting moving into a whole new subject area and  as my husband is a keen sailor I manage to get the feel of the sea  regularly. Although my idea of sailing isn't quite as adventurous as his! .


Marie Theron said...

What you do is make us feel and experience the water who is the master and the little boats who are the obedient followers!

Brotesdeternura said...

I loved your new set of navigation are all amazing, it took me choose which I like more, but this is definitely the one I caught. Perhaps because the trilogy of yellow, green and blue is one of my favorites. Congratulations! Jean dont stop to surprise us, your talent is endless, thanks for sharing. Grace

Lynx said...

Absolutely love the sailing paintings - amazing. Well done.