Saturday, 3 September 2011

Launch of a New Collection 2011

"Sailing Through"

" Sailing Through"
from a new collection showing at
The Wey Gallery next week.

I don't think I can now remember a time when I haven't started my blog explaining how busy the week has been but again it has been a very  incredible time. I have prepared a new collection  for The Wey gallery and all the paintings are now framed and ready to be delivered. They won't be on show until  Monday 5th September and I am really looking forward to the launch.

My husband is a keen sailor and prefers the more adventurous challenges whereas I prefer to sit  and enjoy  sunshine on board  rather than the speed in which a boat is moving! Having said that I love the sounds and feel of the sea. I believe they  ,just like  painting, get into your soul.  The exciting elements of  the thrill of an exhilarating sail were my aim in each piece and they have been an amazing experience to develop to their completed creation.

It has also been really fascinating listening to comments from visitors to my studio as the collection has taken over my easel and working space for a while. In fact I am going to miss them !


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