Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Quinachridone Fever!

Impressions Of Autumn

I love this time of year. Not a day goes by where I don't return home from a morning walk with my dog, Bailey, with my hands full of treasure to paint. I find inspiration from nature  truly energising to my artists soul.

 Golden oak leaves  hit by strong sunlight
This mornings "treasure"

Today I came home with twigs bearing acorns which nestled against foliage.How different they look in todays sunlight.
When the weather was dull the other morning  they looed as though they were full of heavnely blues and purples.  While working on my new Autumn collection I lay a colourful wash to capture the atmosphere outside and I was fascinated in the result. This "Oak Wash" leads the imagination into seeing things that aren't there. I can see a  golden leaf, I see the ghost of an acorn and twigs  in the distant foliage.

"Oak wash"

When I wrote my first book  I noticed something  happening to my work as each chapter evolved. It is happening again with my second book.Within each new exciting chapter I am discovering ways of working that I had never realised I was capable of before.  It is like being on a private workshop over a twelve month period where the teacher is bringing the best out of the student. In this case I am the student and I am being stretched in many  wonderful directions by my own  enthusiasm and ambition to make my new book full of  glowing ideas and colour. Reading it will be like taking a journey into what you can achieve if you wish, taking small steps at first and then flying with confidence.

I can't wait for its release next year and I hope you enjoy it too when it comes out.

But for now I am going to continue exploring  colour combinations and a million fabulous effects with watercolour.  I am so addicted to this heavenly medium and I  think that feeling is very contagious!


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