Monday, 12 September 2011

September 11th, 2011

Sharing Thoughts 9/11

Yesterday I did not add to my blog. I watched as tributes took place all over the world in so many ways for the Tenth Anniversary of  9/11.

I was living in Hong Kong at the time and teaching at the American Club there. The security instantly tightened around many Americal schools and centres and I am sure it was the same reaction all over the world. It was a day I doubt many will forget . The pain and sadness for all of the innocent lives lost is a very heavy price to pay for whatever the reasons behind the Twin Tower attacks.

In my world of watercolour I  have peace, I paint beautiful subjects and I am surrounded by many wonderful people who make my life richer. I know love and I am loved. I give freely to as many people as I can in so many ways especially with my art if I can help other artists of all levels reach their dreams or by helping a charity. 

Life isn't about me. It's about the effect I make on someone elses life and it has to be positive.

If smiling at a stranger in a street can create a feeling of warmth especially when the smile is returned my day is a happier one. I am simplistic. I have no place in my soul for negative thinking or unkindness. If this means I have selfishly in the past turned away from  anyone who enjoys creating trouble or heartache so be it. They have no part in my world.

In my time I have met people who enjoy running others down especially on the internet and I have had complete strangers suggest to me that I shouldn't like one of the  people in their circle purely because for some reason they have fallen out with them. This sounds so petty but isn't this how hatred starts?

How can you hate people you don't know? How can the attackers on that fateful day have understood the pain they were causing to so many innocent families who they had never met. People who had no part in their campaign of hatred. A minority who believed  what they are doing was right  sent ripples around the world  to decent people who all knew they were wrong. Very wrong.

There is and can be no jusitification in causing such terror and hurt. There can be no pat on the back for a  job well done to the cowards who  took lives without seeing  another side to a story.A side where people live and love their families without dreaming of hurting a living soul.There can be no religion where any God instructs you to kill for the sake of killing. To believe this makes you a sinner sinning against your God. Because all Gods want the world to live in peace.

I can only be stronger from listening and watching again yesterday. Seeing tears fall down a firefighters exhausted face as he realised he couldn't help any more in such a hopeless situation  was heartwrenching.

Whoever you are whatever your faith and whatever your nationality you can make a huge difference in this world by stamping out the slightest hatred in your life. Turn away from negativity and guide by being kind and positive. Those who cannot live in your world will have to live without you until they learn how to behave in a civilised manner.

I wish 9/11 had never happened. But yesterday was a day when  everyones personality showed.

It wasn't  a  day about "me", what I painted, what I did, who I met or where I went
It was a day to show how much "I"  cared

Which is why my blog was quiet.


My thoughts and prayers are will all the families who lost loved ones and to those who can no longer be with us.


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