Friday, 30 September 2011

Its a Wrap!

The Dream Team
At last weeks photography shoot  with the most amazing team anyone could wish to work for.
Filming is over and it's a wrap! Hence all the happy faces,we can now go home!

It's hard to imagine that this time last week I had just returned from the  final photography shoot for my new book. It was a wonderful few days filming thanks to Gavin and Roddy who are  brilliant photographers catching my every move with a brush on camera.

Juan stepped into the design filming for the materials and it isn't as easy as you may first think when it comes to getting interesting shots of colours,palette and paper. This guy is a sheer genius!

Katie from Search Press is working with me as Senior Editor on the team. All my chapters go to this  fantastic personality and every step of my books creation lies within her experienced hands. From the minute we think about writing a book to its completion!

Years ago I used to think that writing a book involved shutting yourself away and writing or painting for hours on end to finally hand over the fnished product .This would then be magically printed,then distributed and sold. Now I know better about the  process and it is the best experience in the world!

Of course it does really help if everyone loves what they are doing and who they are working with.
Which is why I call our team the dream team.

They ARE a dream to work with!

Thank you everyone!

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