Tuesday, 27 September 2011

On The Hop!

"Bunny Run"

There is  a saying that times flies when you are having fun. In that case I must be ecstatic with happiness!  In all honesty I am. I can't take in how many wonderful things are happening or how many wonderful people I keep meeting. All because of my passion for watercolour.

Yesterday I was at a meeting regarding my 2012 Watercolour Workshops in UK and they are almost fully booked which is really frightening as the dates were only just released. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in a session because places are disappearing really quickly.

I also had fantastic news regarding my Watercolour Workshop in New York which will take place in Autumn 2012. I will be advertsing the location and dates very soon. Again once they are  available please book early as the numbers of places for the session are limited.

I am getting very excited about my trip to Texas in 2012  because I talked to  the organiser on the phone and compeltely fell in love with her accent! I think I am going to be hopelessly in love with USA too !

Yes there is no doubt that 2012 is going to be full of excitement and this energy I will be pulling into my new book and workshops.

But for now I am  completing my collection for the Frame Gallery in Odiham which will be full of Autumn Colours. This will open on October 28th,2011. I will be there so please come if you can make it!

My studio is now full of glorious Autumn paintings, many  hold exciting sections of golds and oranges and I just can't wait to paint in the morning with renewed enthusiasm and ideas!
Life is great!


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Marie Theron said...

Happy bunny, ephemeral!