Sunday, 18 September 2011

Amazing Ways With Watercolour DVD

Amazing Ways With Watercolour DVD

Last week it was wonderful to hear from Townhouse Films letting me know how popular my  DVD "Amazing Ways With Watercolour" has become and to learn that it is selling continually with new orders consistently coming in from all over the world. When Townhouse Films first contacted me to create this film I had no idea how successful it would  be. Their faith and confidence in me as an artist was wonderful and the support from everyone who has purchased  a copy has been incredible. I am so glad I said yes when asked to make it.

When filming it was so  wonderful  to be able to share my thought process in creating paintings, explaining my first washes and why I work this way and  to cover some of my favourite subjects.

Thank you so much to everyone who has  not only bought a copy but also sent me incredible messages saying how much you are enjoying the film. I really am very touched by the warmth and encouragement  in each email and reply.

I hope all I share in 2012 will be as exciting!

Thank you!


A clip from my DVD along with details on how to purchase a copy can be found via this link.

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