Tuesday, 6 September 2016

"A Brush With a Woman" Collection 2016

"Love, Pure and Simple"
From the exhibition invitation
43 x 54 cms 

This is one of my favourite dog paintings of all time. I love how the expression shows the love between the owner and the dog. There is an unspoken bond between them that is so obvious. 
As an artist certain paintings you create touch your heart as this one does. And I have had no end of offers to buy this piece before it was framed and ready to be exhibited. Now it looks stunning in its beautiful frame and will be on show at the Windrush Gallery. I saved the painting as it was selected to be on the invitations for the show and it is on exhibition promotional material.

You can contact the gallery owner, Jo, before the show opens if you wish to enquire about favourite paintings or wish to reserve a particular piece.

Here is a link with full details on show opening times and the contact number for enquiries.

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