Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Quiet Reflection 2016

 Quiet Reflection
Simple Abstract 

Sometimes it is good for the soul to sit quietly and reflect and I must admit I get very little time to do just this lately. I have many emails to reply to and an exhibition to prepare for. All my work fo rthe show is now wrapped and titled, priced and ready for collection by courier tomorrow morning. But the catalogue still needs finishing for the gallery. The hard work behind an exhibition draws me away from my painting time which I badly desire after two full weeks teaching recently.

I know it would be impossible to sit and paint in a quiet state of mind today as this is my last chance to work on my show before all my paintings leave my studio. But I cannot allow a single day to pass without picking up my brush. On days like these I would rather experiment than aim to paint something that is frameable for an exhibition or book.

I took paper and covered the whole piece at the top with a beautiful cerulean blue shade. a colour that I have ignored for such a long time. I allowed it to fade with a water application towards the lower section of my paper. I then added a horizon line of full colour and this flowed over my initial blue wash forming patterns as it did so.

I repeated this effect more intentionally above my horizon line and before I knew it this quiet reflection scene awoke before my eyes. I like it. And I love what I have learned from the experimental session of painting which to me is so valauble for my growth as an artist.

The images below show a cropped version from the painting below the full scene. I like both images.

A day to reflect. 

Time to think what I will be doing after my work disappears tomorrow when I can paint freely again. Perhaps I will paint more abstracts, perhaps more experimental washes. But whatever, I will be painting. 

Will you?

  Quiet Reflection

 Quiet Reflection
Cropped version


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