Monday, 12 September 2016

Anything Is Possible

The Magic of Venice

Many artists paint Venice scenes. And I have to admit the above scene is a favourite of mine to paint. I had always wanted to visit Venice and see the sights that so many famous artists before my time created. Pieces of art that inspired me to paint in watercolour. Paintings like the wonderful works by the master,  John Singer Sargent. These  always left me mesmerised. I wanted to not only paint Venice but I wanted to see for myself how beautiful this magical place is. And I did. I was lucky because my husband  treated me to a very special Wedding Anniversary there one year and ever since I have painted from my own photographs the visions that took my breath away.

Above is a new watercolour that really was my opening to this weeks painting time in my studio. This piece has,as always, made me want to work on more architectural scenes in watercolour.

On my workshops so many artists tell me they are scared of painting buildings or sights like these and yet in my style anything is possible. Actually, in my case, anything really was possible as I had always dreamt of visiting Venice and I did.

If you want something badly enough I believe it will happen. 

Just as being an artist or improving your art can  be achieved. 

Just never give up on a dream because dreams can come true.

And anything is really possible.

It really is!


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