Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Rosehips in Watercolour 2016

Rose hips in Watercolour
Started as a demonstration at one of my recent UK workshops.

There is no doubt that I adore teaching and sharing my passion for watercolour. I also adore nature and walking in the local countryside . So quite often my passions combine to create something quite magical from the ordinary, that when painted becomes the extraordinary.
Like simple rose hips. The countryside right now in UK is beautiful, Branches are laden with berries including hips, haws and blackberries not to mention the wonderful sloes. In sunlight they all look rather fabulous making them a stunning subject for the artist who loves capturing colour with their brushwork.

Last week on one of my courses I demonstrated how to create washes that glow with life using rose hips as a simple example. I didn't want to paint the subject directly. I just wanted to capture the essence of what I was seeing. For detail to be added later if I wished. This morning as I waited for a courier to collect my art for my solo exhibition this month I added a few brushstrokes to bring one or two of the rose hip berries to life. And now I want to go for a walk to find more of the real thing to paint.

Painting from life gives you such a powerful energy and connection with a subject that painting from a photo just cannot give you. It is this connection of observation that flows into your work bringing accuracy in colour, shape and form which can help make a painting work so well.

So perhaps here I will take a break from my blog and go out to gain some new ideas for future paintings.

Artists tip for the day?

Go out!

Don't always think that painting non stop will make you a better artist. You need inspiration from life too, so go out and see colour and real subjects. Sit and absorb what you are seeing. Only then can you capture it beautifully in watercolour.

So, treat yourself. 

Take a break!


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