Thursday, 15 September 2016

Wedgewood Goats : 2016

 "Wedgwood Goats"

Actually even the title of this painting makes me smile. I love the subject which is from my own original photograph taken whilst on a sailing trip around Turkey. We had stopped at a small village and wandered past all the buildings. Following a small track which was so pretty I came across these goats. I loved how the sunlight played on their backs and  my first painting of them was included in my book "How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" A book that was so popular that it has been recently relaunched with the 50% more content that couldn't fit in the first edition.

On my workshops one lady in particular adores the original painting so much which hangs in my cottage. And she has always wanted to buy it, no matter what the price is. But I loved the memory and the original painting from my first ever book. Sometimes no matter how much you are offered to part with a piece you just can't. And this is one painting that has always meant so much to me. i still hav eit and it still hangs in my cottage.

But today I re visited these goats and painted them on a blue wash. In blue. Hence the title for the painting below " Goats in Blue". Originally the painting was in all brown shades. But I love this new unusual version too.

In the version above so much information is missing. The goats seem to be floating with no hints of grass beneath their feet. Below I have added ground to "anchor" my animals in the composition and I have strengthened the line between the two goats, separating them more strongly so that you can easily see where one starts and the other stops.

"Goats in Blue"

I never know what I will paint each day which makes racing to my studio so exciting. All I know is that I want to paint and having three washes from the day before to always work on stretches my imagination. Without this blue wash I would never have created my "Wedgwood Goats" and I must admit I quite like them.
And I have only used one shade of blue!

You can read about my daily washes in my latest book "Paint Yourself Calm" which helps lead you to paintings like this.


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